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February Limited Edition

Symbols of love created for you. The Mended Heart Brooch and Heart Rings featured in this collection are limited edition and one-of-a-kind, 2021. 

The accompanying image series to this work was captured by photographer, Lucy Plato Clark, and highlights several members of the Asheville community. I admire, am inspired by, and am genuinely happy to have crossed paths with these individuals. Here are the details: 

Lucy Plato Clark, photographer and Penland, NC native, captured these visuals. Her photography blends her passion for adorning and embellishing the body with the lifelong inspiration she’s drawn from the forested landscapes of her childhood home in western North Carolina. Lucy currently resides in Florence, where she works in collaboration with many artists from a variety of disciplines.

Mellanee Goodman, featured creative and model for this series, is currently working on her MA in Critical Craft Studies at Warren Wilson College. Her research focus explores the representation of Black womxn and craft, mapping the transition of enslaved craft practices to formalized education.

Anna Toth, founder of Asheville School for the Apparel Arts, provided garments from her new business venture, Vestitevi, sewing patterns she has developed to be shared for personal use. Vestitevi (Italian) translates to “Dress Your Self” and is a conscious effort to create a more sustainable way to approach personal fashion. Anna is also a co-owner of neighborhood watering hole, Crucible Bar, which served as our location for this shoot.

Sara Jane, stylist and visionary, contributed creatively to this shoot as well as Matilda Bliss, studio jeweler and studio assistant at Laura Wood Studios.

Objects Featured in this Image Series:
Jewelry by Laura Wood Studios
Garments by Anna Toth
Handblown Snifter by Nick Fruin and Thomas Campbell -
-available in The Studio Shop.