The Space Between Brooch,Enamel
The Space Between Brooch,Enamel
Laura Wood Studios

The Space Between Brooch,Enamel

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Space Between Brooch, Black and Yellow, 2019
Enamel on copper, sterling silver
2.5 x 1.5 x .25”
signed, ships with custom wall mount - from The Space Between Brooch Series

Excerpt from the archived LWS Blog:
The #Brooch, 3 questions + 3 answers
-Who wears them? 
To wear a brooch is to know your style. These jewelry forms are for people who celebrate individuality. If you are going to wear a brooch, people are going to take note of you. The brooch is a symbol, a pop of color and an idea.
-How do you wear them? 
If you are considering rocking a brooch, you’ve just got to own it. Wear it on your jacket, hat, in the middle of a button up, pinned to your scarf, an accent to straps, on your lapel, two for your collar points, the back of your jacket…take your time to style it so that you are comfortable and confident wearing it. If you are into it, make it happen, don’t talk yourself out of a good time.
-Why do you wear them? 
I find the brooch to be a perfect way to collect art that I can wear, as a conversation starter,
to take a look from a 2 to a 10, to be memorable, and because I think they are cool.