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DREAM DAY with Rite of Passage

It’s no surprise that Laura Wood Studios and Rite of Passage found each other among the rich community of makers in Asheville, NC. The human form inspires both our creative practices and is the canvas for showcasing our elevated designs, quality craftsmanship, and ethical fashion.  We both believe in the importance of the everyday ritual of adornment and the embedded meaning those objects embody and communicate to ourselves and others.  We pair together well.  
LWS and Rite of Passage initiated our DREAM DAY series, May 2023. This multi-part collaborative series pairs new and signature pieces from our collections with the individuals who champion our work. Enjoy a glimpse into the people who inspire us and what they most enjoy about our community and fellow small businesses in Asheville, NC. 
Part II features Tarelton of Garden Party. 

Tarleton is co-owner of Garden Party, a cannabis lifestyle boutique  in Asheville, NC. In addition to being a tastemaker among us with her keen eye for design and products for everyday wellness she is also a founding board member of Legalize Appalachia. Tarleton accepted our invitation to take us on her DREAM DAY in Asheville and she did not disappoint! A morning at Pollen followed by a jolt of inspiration at Black Mountain College Museum and cocktail hour at Neng Jr.’s is as five starts as it gets! Please enjoy our DREAM DAY and conversation with Tarleton. 

PART II, Tarelton 
📍Pollen, AVL, @pollenAVL

📍Black Mountain College Museum + Art Center, @bmcmuseum
📍Neng Jr's, @nengjrs 

Laura Wood Studios Featured Jewelry 
Sculptural Stack Rings
Draped Hoop, Large, Poppy and Medium, Mint 
Double Lace Earring, chartreuse 

Rite of Passage Featured Garments 

Q: Why is supporting LOCAL a core value of yours?
T: “Putting money and tax dollars into our community of independent business owners and entrepreneurs is essential to keep our city connected, creative and thriving.  It's important to me to have a personal relationship with the people who make the things I buy, to support them and their families.”

Q: Tell us a little bit more about your personal styles?  
T: It’s funny, as I’m embracing my 40’s era, I’ve gotten more expressive and experimental with what I wear.  I’m picking stronger colors - like this hot pink slip and lime green earrings!  Trying new things makes me feel renewed and alive!  I always want to feel comfy, but also put together. The positive side of social media has been watching plus-size influencers change the conversation for plus-size people.  I finally have positive role models that have a diversity of style that I can relate to!

Q: Can you describe your curatorial style for Garden Party?
T: I’m excited about creating a full-body experience for my customers who may or may not choose to heighten those experiences with cannabis. I like to choose products for the shop that integrate design and wellness - good design makes me feel good and brings me so much joy!

PART I features Luisa Yen. 

Luisa Yen is prepared for wherever life takes her, whether that’s a meditation retreat in Egypt or climbing up a precarious ladder for a rooftop photo opp LWS and Rite of Passage asked super-fan @luisayen to join us for a “dream day” in Asheville. As Director of PR  for Explore Asheville, this woman has her spots dialed in. 

PART 1, Luisa Yen
📍@marqueeasheville @houseofhuseth booth
📍Beaver Lake